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Have you ever been steelhead fishing on the famed Salmon River of Pulaski New York?  If you haven’t, you may want to seriously consider giving it a try.  If you have, you should know it is about time to get your lodging and fishing guide booked for the upcoming fall steelhead season.

Currently the estuary of the Salmon River is starting to fill up with this years run of king and coho salmon.  Soon these salmon will be migrating up river to spawn.  Because of their size, numbers, and the short season that they can be targeted in the river, the salmon draw big crowds of anglers between mid September and mid October.  As the salmon finish spawning, they will then die, leaving behind millions of eggs and and their decaying carcasses.  While that may not sound very appealing to us, the river is spilling water into Lake Ontario that smells like a smorgasbord to the steelhead.  So as late October rolls around, the steelhead start rolling in.

There is really nothing like battling one of these fresh fall steelhead.  It is mind boggling how powerful they actually are.  And for the steelhead virgin, one good hookup is all it will take understand what all the hype is about.  However, it is important not to get discouraged while steelhead fishing.  Sometimes you work diligently for hours to get that hook up and after a few exiting moments of pandemonium something happens and you lose the fish.  That’s just the nature of the beast.  They are by no means easy to tame.  It often is a game of win some and lose many.  In fact if you land half of the fish you hook you are having a pretty good day.

This is where a good steelhead fishing guide comes in.  We can help increase your odds of hooking up, and closing the deal.  Here is how.  We know the locations the steelhead will be holding given the conditions, therefore you will spend more time casting to fish and not searching aimlessly.  We also know what works.  What flies to use, proper presentation, and how to coach you through the battle.  So trust your guide.  We are also your committed net man.  A good net man will definitely increase your odds of landing that trophy!  A good steelhead fishing guide can often get you on productive water away from the majority of other anglers that these fish draw.  All of these are key ingredients in a successful steelhead fishing experience.

It is important to book your dates for both fishing and lodging in advance to ensure you can be adequately accommodated.  Our trips are booked as full day drift boat/ wading trips and are designed to teach you how to be a successful steelhead angler.  Our trips also include a deluxe stream side lunch and gear if needed.  Great steelhead fishing is right around the corner.  Book your next adventure today by calling (802)272-6225.  https://greatdrakefishing.com/salmon-river-new-york-guided-fishing-trips/